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Up to 75% off Tycoon Games on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has an absolutely amazing sale going on right now that contains many highly-rated tycoon games! Several of the best tycoon games to play in 2018 are on that discounted list, as well as quite a few classics such as RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and Banished. The sale will be going from now until November 14th (just over 2 days) and have some of the lowest prices we have seen. Here is our list of the best games to buy from this sale:

Prison Architect

Read our guide and tips for the game here and take a look at our top tycoon games 2018 list for more detail regarding what type of game it is. Currently, Prison Architect on steam has a “Very Positive” rating off of over 26,000 reviews with devs that are constantly producing new content. This is one of the best grabs of the sale and I highly recommend you take advantage of it – your total cost is 75% at CDN$9.89!!

Prison Architect Sale Link

Planet Coaster

This game brings back the old school vibes from RollerCoaster Tycoon and generates a brand new amusement park tycoon gameplay. Steam reviews have also been very favourable to this game and it currently has a “Very Positive” rating off of 18,000 reviews. The game is usually at CDN$59.35 but with a 60% discount, you can get it for CDN$23.74!! A definite pickup for any old school players of the Zoo Tycoon series as well.

Planet Coaster Sale Link


One of the older titles, but still carries the essence of tycoon and management gaming. This is one of the first games that captured its audience with a highly engaging village management theme. You start off with a few villagers and a basic farm and shelter layout, and it is up to you to balance its development. Expand too fast and your population ends up collapsing due to being spread too thin and starving, don’t expand fast enough? You also starve. The winters are unforgiving and you really feel the pain of improperly planning your village later in the game. Originally priced at CDN$26.37, it is now for sale for 66% off at CDN$8.96. Again, one of the older games in the genre, but it does carry a “Very Positive” rating of 87% on Steam from 22,000 reviews.

Banished Sale Link

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 – Triple Thrill Pack

The OG amusement park game. For anyone who may not have been around this long ago, this game is the reason why many people my age are now so into tycoon style games. You can enjoy the technical aspects of designing your own roller coasters to maximize the thrill and enjoyment of your customers, or you can focus entirely on maximizing your amusements park’s profits. Building a beautiful park in a classic 2.5D point of view brings back the old school classic gameplay of other titles like Zoo Tycoon. This title usually goes for CDN$13.18, but the 66% off sale brings it down to a measly CDN$4.48. For older and younger gamers alike, this title will bring you countless hours of management fun!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 – Triple Thrill Pack Sale Link


Prison Architect – CDN$9.89 (75% off from CDN$39.59)

Planet Coaster – CDN$23.75 (60% off from CDN$59.39)

Banished – CDN$8.97 (66% off from CDN$26.39)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 – CDN$4.48 (66% off from CDN$13.18)


Frostpunk – CDN$28.90 (27% off from CDN$39.59)

Project Highrise – CDN$6.59 (75% off from CDN$26.39)

They Are Billions – CDN$26.39 (20% off from CDN$32.99)

Rise of Industry – CDN$24.74 (25% off from CDN$32.99)

Humble Bundle Tycoon Sale

This tycoon game sale is made for all of you tycooners out there! Almost all of these titles are absolutely fantastic and will be a great pickup for anyone into this style of gaming. Unfortunately, some of the Anno titles in this instance are not very well received and should be avoided.

Please take a look at the complete list of sale items here if you are interested in any of the other titles! The sale ends in just a few short days so definitely cash in on some of the lowest game prices we have every seen.


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