Stellaris 70% Discount Sale – Until August 26th 11:59:59pm

Stellaris is an fantastic sci-fi empire building game that incorporates everything to do with managing your own space kingdom. Personally, the original price point of $43.99CAD is a little expensive for how much content the base game provides, but right now there is an absolutely amazing deal for 70% off on WinGameStore until the end of this weekend!

**DLCs are also on sale**


If you are only interested in gameplay and maximizing what you get out of Stellaris, I would suggest you go for the base game as well as the Utopia DLC. Why? The base game itself is already packed with content, but the Utopia DLC brings it to an entirely new level of immersion (especially in the late game).

Best Utopia features:

Ascension Perks

In the late game, this add-on gives you the option to transform your race into cyborgs, biological beasts, or psionic masters. Each of these add special traits that can offer completely different possible playstyles. Experiment with your own concoction of abilities that increase your ability to build your empire!

Advanced Governments

Ever want to be like the Zerg Overlord from Starcraft? Now is your chance. The Hive Mind government type is only one of the new government styles that you can adopt. It literally allows you to do whatever you want without regard for your population because you are the population. One of the other fun new types is the Fanatic Purifier where – you guessed it – you become a xenophobe. Good thing the Geneva Convention doesn’t exist in this game, because this race is entirely based on war crimes like exterminating all other species in your empire as well as disabling diplomacy.


This one scratches the sci-fi itch real good. Build your own ring world, Dyson Sphere, science array, or planet-sized habitat. Did I mention Dyson Sphere? Yeah you can now harvest the sun’s energy to fuel your war machine. Unfortunately, it is only useful for a limited period of time during gameplay and doesn’t really affect your success in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a really cool addition to the game and makes you feel like the leader of an inter-galactic empire.

Utopia Cons

My biggest con to getting Utopia was actually the price. For $21.99CAD on Steam, it really isn’t worth it. However, with the 55% Discount on WinGameStore, the $11.57CAD price tag makes this DLC an absolutely necessary addition.


For around $27CAD, you can get Stellaris and its Utopia DLC. There has never been such an amazing deal for a quality game by Paradox Interactive. As one of the best 4x sci-fi games out there, definitely consider buying this one. As mentioned before, this sale does end this weekend at 11:59:59pm on Sunday, August 26th.

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