Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine FREE until September 1 at 10am

Not a tycoon game 100%, but this game has a Very Positive rating on Steam and it is 100% free through Humble Bundle. Thought it would be a solid pickup for anyone who likes to play different games. Also did I mention it is free? It takes a few clicks to sign up for an account and redeem this game for free by also signing up for their newsletter. You can also change your newsletter settings at any point to stop getting the emails. At the same time, they do send out some free games from time to time so make sure you check back once in a while to build your free PC games library.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine is essentially one of the old school shooters where you demolish hordes of minions with your advanced weaponry and combat skills. You get to feel the awesome power of being a space marine defending one of humanity’s planet-sized weapons factories. I am not too familiar with the Warhammer series myself, but this game will always be in my Steam library in case I ever want to get into it.

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